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Exciting news!

I just published two books in Spanish with the help of two fantastic translators:

Tomas Ibarra and Mario Rosas. For more information on them and my translated books check out my new page

Free Books for February

February 24-26 The Road Goes Ever On—A Christian Journey Through The Lord of the Rings

“I loved reading Ann’s wise, hope-giving thoughts about life and love. Truly, life is the art of overcoming obstacles and becoming stronger to live a fuller life. Beautiful work! “~Ksenia

I am working on new Contemporary Short Stories alternating with My Road posts each Friday.

Also, writing fresh science fiction short stories, using characters from my upcoming Newearth novel A Hero’s Crime

And finalizing the science fiction chapters in my OldEarth Georgios Encounter novel.

My son, Ian Frailey, has completed his first fantasy adventure story

The Dwarven Pillar

Available on Amazon soon…

Something big lies buried behind a wall of grass. Do I really want to see what might lie there? I cautiously brush aside the grass with the butt of my staff.

Apparently, I do.

A griffin lies sprawled on the ground, a spear jutting from its side, dripping blood. Its hind legs are tangled and trapped in a metal net. Three more of the armored monsters lie sprawled around it in a rough circle. In their lifeless hands, they clutch axes and malls.

I stare at the griffon, my face stiff and vacant. I’m defiantly in dreamland now. What next, fairies?

The griffin’s feathers are a very dark blue, almost black. There’s something noble about the curve of the neck and beak, the powerful shape of the wings and claws, even in death. I feel a pang of sorrow that this beautiful creature was killed.

“Goodnight sweet prince….” I whisper softly and feel foolish immediately afterward. I turn away from the scene, my feet starting a dull trudge through the grass towards the running water. The grass rustles behind me.


I whip about, staff held at the ready. The griffin’s breast heaves, his breathing is shallow. He coughs weakly, pawing at the spear just out of his reach.

“Please….” He stares at me with vibrant violet eyes before closing them, panting. His voice is higher than I would’ve expected, with a curious throaty quality. I wonder how old he is.

“How?” I move closer. Is this a trick? Is he pretending to be weaker than he really is, to lure me closer? He has a spear in his side. I doubt it.

“Water….” his head falls to the side, beak slightly open.

Water. My head snaps about. A spiked helm, laying a short way from its corpse, catches my eye. I sprint over, catching up the helm in my arms. “Just…hang in there….”

He nods weakly.

I’m rescuing a griffin. A grif— My feet pound the ground. I dash through the grass, hoping I don’t step on…anything, really. I can see the brook. It’s a calm, little stream, fordable in one step. Tall reeds and lily pads punctuate its surface. I crouch on the sandy bank, filling the helmet with the clearest water I’ve ever seen. I stand, turn, and catch my breath…

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The ancient story behind the Newearth Universe…

OldEarth ARAM Encounter Amazon Link

OldEarth ARAM Encounter Book Trailer

Aram discovers an unseen world.

The universe discovers a devoted heart.

Teal stood holding a drink in one hand, tapping his leg with the other, a frown building between his eyes.

The brilliantly lit hall-filled with trailing green vines, glowing flowers, and an astonishing array of birds, barely scored his conscious mind. He had seen a million such rooms before. The company was different though. Luxonians in their human forms, Ingots, encased in their mechanical exoskeletons, and Crestas, lumbering along in their terrestrial bio-suits mingled in forced diplomacy.

Zuri, back straight, chest out, circulated amid an Ingoti throng across the room, which hummed with the uneasy murmurings of three races attempting to mingle in an uneasy alliance.

Putting his drink aside, Teal’s gaze shifted to his superior, Judge Sterling, who looked like he had been chewing glass for breakfast.

Sterling, dressed immaculately in a long, flowing robe and cotton pants, stood square-shouldered as he faced off a leading scientist of Crestar. Sterling’s eyes lowered to half-mast.

Boredom or loathing? So hard to tell from this distance.

A hand gripped his shoulder. Teal stiffened as he glanced at the mechanical glove. How did Zuri manage to sneak around him like that?

“Teal, correct?”

Clenching his jaw, Teal peered at the Ingoti trader. “You should know my name by now—you’ve complained about me often enough to the Ingilium—and the Supreme Council.”

Zuri’s form-fitting techno-armor, a brilliant red for the conference, nearly outshone his wide, practiced smile. “In truth, I’m surprised they let you come. After all, this is where we make agreements to respect each other and—”

“Like you respect the human race?”

Aram must lead his clan to safety, protect an innocent man, forgive his wayward wife, and challenge a curse that haunts his family. As Aram encounters both good and evil, an alien world waits for their part to play in humanity’s future hope or despair.

Preview of OldEarth ARAM Encounter

“I must bow to her writing skills because it was simply magic!” ~Charlotte

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter Amazon Link

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter Book Trailer I

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter Book Trailer II

Ark settled in a plump chair and hated the hiss of his bio-suit as it wedged between the stiff arms. Dark waters, I’ll never get up without help.

The Crestonian chambers included a mini-pool built into the back wall, cushy, white furniture, and a simple cleansing and dressing closet.

Ark glanced over as Ungle tapped a console, lighting up a holopad.

“Pay attention now. I’ve done careful research, and I think I have just the solution we need.”

Ark grunted as he tried to wiggle out of the chair. “What…is…the…problem?” Popping like a cork, he sprang to his feet.

Ungle straightened, and a hologram of the Luxonian guardian stationed on Earth—Teal—appeared before them. His slim, well- balanced figure, straight light brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and firm jaw emphasized his determined personality.

Ark shrugged and clumped forward, his embarrassment forgotten. “Teal?” His gaze swiveled to Ungle.

“As I mentioned earlier, science dictates the direction of my life. I believe that humanity has a great deal to offer Crestonian studies. Not the least of which is their obsession with good and evil.”

Ark wrapped his tentacles behind his back, arched his neck forward, and meandered in close. “Surely, we understand the concept as well as anyone. Why—?”

“We don’t experience the polar opposites as humans do. It makes quite a difference. Consider—” Ungle tapped the console. Teal dissolved, and Chai appeared beautifully dressed in crimson robes embroidered in gold. “A dangerous—by all human standards—evil force controls this man. It’s a force I’ve rarely encountered before. Yet, this human believes he’ll benefit from the experience.”

Ark’s tentacles wiggled nervously behind his back. “What does he have to do with Teal?”

“This being—calls himself Chai—will cross paths with the one you call Ishtar. It doesn’t take serious extrapolation of data to figure this out. Their paths must intersect.”


“Teal will be watching. He’ll care what happens. He might even attempt to interfere.”

“That goes against all his training.”

Ungle shrugged. “Given proper motivation, we all go against our training. Don’t be obtuse, Ark.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to see the natural exchange between Chai and Ishtar. I want to witness a soul damned to—”


“Yes, I believe that is the term.”

“You want me to keep an eye on Teal—is that it?”

Chuckling, Ungle tapped the console. “Not primarily. I want you to keep your eye on her.”

The holographic image of Chai dissolved, and Sienna, a Luxonian beauty with reddish hair, golden eyes, and a slim figure appeared in all her radiant glory on the holopad.

“Sienna? She cares for Teal, but—”

“She’s a Luxonian with a healer’s soul. She wants to help so badly; she could do a great deal of harm in the process.” Ungle tapped the screen and Chai, Teal, and Sienna appeared together on the holopad facing away from one another. “They’re each convinced that they know what’s best for humanity. I’m convinced that they have no idea what’s in store for them.”

Forced to leave his clan and his children behind, Ishtar staggers into a vast wilderness and encounters a desert nomad who loves him as a son. When foreign raiders approach, Ishtar must discover if he can move beyond madness, protect his people, and reclaim his family. 

Eager to know the source of Ishtar’s strength, a watching Universe must learn if humanity can save them from a spreading darkness.

Preview of OldEarth Ishtar Encounter

“The story was wonderful and well written.” ~Culver

OldEarth Neb Encounter Amazon Link

Raised in a world of wild beasts, craven spirits, and noble souls, Neb dominates everyone around him. His mother feeds his lies, his father falls before him, and his brothers flee. Only in love does he meet a force he cannot resist. His wife bears two sons who take opposite paths. Neb’s curse follows both. Heaven and hell await their answer. Through the eyes of three alien worlds, so does the watching universe.

Preview of OldEarth Neb Encounter

“Loved “Neb” the best of the Trilogy. The characters are well developed with sensitivity and humor. You can’t wait to find out more about the clans from the distant past and the adventures keep coming.” ~Ellen

OldEarth Georgios Encounter

Coming soon…

Noman surveyed the white walls, considered the silence of the empty tomb, and knew that hell existed. He wiggled his sand-encrusted toes and straightened, his long, loose tunic rippling with the movement. Sweat dripped down his back as blazing sunlight glared from an unrepentant blue sky.

Where was Abbas now?


A crash splintered the silence.

Ark peered at the floor where his latest experiment had spilled in a gelatinous goo across the floor. One brief, well, three brief pleasant encounters, and he’d be paying for uncountable cycles. Perhaps for the rest of his natural life!

Meta shrugged her numerous shoulders and waved all six tentacles. “Make sure you clean that up carefully. You don’t want to get sick. New father and all.” With a giggle, she waddled through the open doorway.

A throb building behind his eyes, Ark lusted for a tall glass of green and a trip to Lux. Yes, he’d stop by and see Teal. Compare fatherhood stories. After all, it was Teal who made interacting with the opposite sex so appealing. Had it all been a lie?

Before he officially met his offspring, he must find out…

OldEarth Melchior Encounter

In the rewrite stage…

The intersection of historical fiction and science fiction…In ancient history, humanity struggled for survival and grappled with the purpose of existence. One extended family traverses the course of history through ARAM, Ishtar, and Neb in a world of wild beasts, craven spirits, and noble souls. Generations later, in the first century AD, Aram’s descendant, Georgios battles a world of dark secrets, deceptive promises, and hope renewed. Four hundred years later, Georgios’ descendant, Melchior, discovers that his vengeance is not as powerful as God’s plans.

After the end of OldEarth, Newearth begins. 

Worlds where deception rules but truth prevails.

Last of Her Kind Amazon Link

Being read aloud for Audible on Amazon.

Last of Her Kind & Newearth Justine Awakens Book Trailer I

Original music by Brenden Mezzetti—an amazing musician and composer.

Anne Smith faces the end of a human era and the beginning of an alien alliance—united but unique in Last of Her Kind. Humanity’s next adventure is on the horizon in Newearth Justine Awakens.

Preview of Last of Her Kind

“In the tradition of some of the greatest stories in the genre, Frailey takes a page from our current world issues and weaves it into an intriguing story of global & personal conflict.” ~2nd Assistant Director, NB Thrilling Films 2 Inc. Ben Hrkach

Last of Her Kind is an inspiring triumph of faith and perseverance in the shadow of the impending apocalypse. Frailey’s emotionally captivating writing reminds the reader what it means to be human.” ~Nick Lauer —Journalist and Actor

Newearth: Justine Awakens Amazon Link

Last of Her Kind and Newearth Justine Awakens Book Trailer II

After being shut down for seventy years, Justine Santana awakens on Newearth with a chance to start over. The alien who rescued her has only one request—kill the man she loves. Her freedom hangs in the balance.

Preview Newearth Justine Awakens

“My belief has actually increased a little by the beauty of this tale.” —GSD

 “…a very interesting read. It will entertain, but also make you think. It is very well written, with amazing characters, a stunning plot, and a pace that really fits the story.” —McEvoy

“I love how the story unfolds and delves into human nature, exploring the possibilities of where humanity could end up, shown both through human characters and the eyes of Luxonian aliens.” —Lindens

Newearth Hero’s Crime

In the writing stage…

Science Fiction Short Stories

Encounter Amazon Link

We do what we do for a reason…even if we don’t know it.

Character stories from OldEarth and Newearth worlds.

Preview of Encounter Science Fiction Short Stories & Novella


My Road Goes Ever On Amazon Link

Preview of My Road Goes Ever On

“Love embraces both the faithful and the despairing, strengthens the will, holds up exhausted arms, and heals even the most mortally pierced heart.”

Literary Short Stories

It Might Have Been Amazon Link

Words can move more than a mountain; they can move a heart…

Now being translated into Spanish…

Preview It Might Have Been

A. K. Frailey has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She enjoys exploring the creative boundaries of science fiction, historical fiction, and literary fiction.

Children’s Book

The Adventures of Tally-Ho Book Trailer

Tally Ho spread 1_sm

 Kindle: The Adventures of Tally-Ho

Paperback: The Adventures of Tally-Ho  

Hardcover: The Adventures of Tally-Ho

Stories of faith, family, and nature.  A joy-filled combination!      

Inspirational Non-Fiction

The Road Goes Ever On Amazon Link

The Road Goes Ever On Book Trailer 


“A. K. Frailey is one incredibly smart and very astute woman. She takes passages from the Rings trilogy and weaves an almost ethereal beauty into our lives as Christians by comparing the journey of the Fellowship and their struggles to challenge us in our daily walk. Our daily struggles. I had no idea how beautiful this book would turn out to be and almost passed it. Don’t make that mistake!”   

~D Baumgardner                    

                                 Take Time Out


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