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“Through violence, you may murder the hater, but you do not murder the hate.” ~M. L. K.

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A. K. Frailey

Novelist, Short Story Writer & Screenwriter

“Though tied to Earth by flesh and blood, we human beings soar beyond our limits, yearning for a universe beyond our reach.”

“Faith is a lot like hope. It isn’t reasonable. It doesn’t protect itself at all costs. Love embraces both the faithful and the despairing, strengthens the will, holds up exhausted arms, and heals even the most mortally pierced heart.”

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Words can move more than a mountain; they can move a heart.

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. ~Nazarian

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The intersection of historical fiction and science fiction…

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter Book Trailer I

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter Book Trailer II

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter Amazon Link

Ishtar’s heart pummeled his chest. Begin again? He was an exile, an outcast—no longer a man. Twice cursed. Was redemption possible after such a fall?

Forced to leave his clan and his children behind, Ishtar staggers into a vast wilderness and encounters a desert nomad who loves him as a son. When foreign raiders approach, Ishtar must discover if he can move beyond madness, protect his people, and reclaim his family. 

Eager to know the source of Ishtar’s strength, a watching Universe must learn if humanity can save them from a spreading darkness. 

OldEarth ARAM Encounter Book Trailer

OldEarth ARAM Encounter Amazon Link

The ancient story behind the Newearth Universe…

Aram discovers an unseen world.

The universe discovers a devoted heart.

Aram must lead his clan to safety, protect an innocent man, forgive his wayward wife, and challenge a curse that haunts his soul. As Aram encounters both good and evil, an alien world watches and waits for their part to play in humanity’s future hope or despair.

~Science Fiction~

In our first venture into the future, Melchior’s descendant, Anne Smith faces the end of a human era and the beginning of an alien alliance—united but unique in Last of Her Kind. A new future unfolds as OldEarth passes into obscurity, but the seeds of Newearth are planted. The next adventure for our human family is on the horizon…. Last of Her Kind and Newearth Justine Awakens

Worlds where deception rules but truth prevails.

Last of Her Kind & Newearth Justine Awakens Book Trailer I

Original music by Brenden Mezzetti—an amazing musician and composer.

Thanks, Brenden!

Last of Her Kind & Newearth Justine Awakens Book Trailer II

Now available on Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle.

Last of Her Kind Amazon Link

“In the tradition of some of the greatest stories in the genre, Frailey takes a page from our current world issues and weaves it into an intriguing story of global & personal conflict.” ~2nd Assistant Director, NB Thrilling Films 2 Inc. Ben Hrkach

Last of Her Kind is an inspiring triumph of faith and perseverance in the shadow of the impending apocalypse. Frailey’s emotionally captivating writing reminds the reader what it means to be human.” ~Nick Lauer —Journalist and Actor

The story continues…

Neweartha world where deception rules but truth prevails.

Last Of Her Kind and Newearth Justine Awakens Book Trailer I

Last of Her Kind and Newearth Justine Awakens Book Trailer II

Newearth: Justine Awakens Amazon Link

After being shut down for seventy years, Justine Santana awakens on Newearth with a chance to start over. The alien who rescued her has only one request—kill the man she loves. Her freedom hangs in the balance.

Taug, an alien from Crestar, must eliminate his father’s mistake—a Human-Cresta crossbreed named Derik.

When Taug awakens Justine and charges her with the assignment to kill Derik, he never suspects that she might discover the meaning of love and her intrinsic humanity.

“My belief has actually increased a little by the beauty of this tale.” —GSD

 “…a very interesting read. It will entertain, but also make you think. It is very well written, with amazing characters, a stunning plot, and a pace that really fits the story.” —McEvoy

“I love how the story unfolds and delves into human nature, exploring the possibilities of where humanity could end up, shown both through human characters and the eyes of Luxonian aliens.” —Lindens

Historical Fiction & Science Fiction Blend

In ancient history, humanity struggled for survival and grappled with the purpose of our existence. One extended family traverses the course of history through ARAM, Ishtar, and Neb in a world of wild beasts, craven spirits, and noble souls. Generations later, in the first century AD, Aram’s descendant, Georgios must battle a world of dark secrets, deceptive promises, and hope renewed. Four hundred years later, Georgios’ descendant, Melchior, discovers that his vengeance is not as powerful as God’s plans in Melchior—Vengeance Is Mine.

Coming soon…

OldEarth Neb Encounter (In production)

OldEarth Georgios Encounter (In production)

A. K. Frailey has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She enjoys exploring the creative boundaries of science fiction & literary fiction.

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The Adventures of Tally-Ho Book Trailer

Tally Ho spread 1_sm

 Kindle: The Adventures of Tally-Ho

Paperback: The Adventures of Tally-Ho  

Hardcover: The Adventures of Tally-Ho

Stories of faith, family, and nature.  A joy-filled combination! 

Historical Fiction      

Melchior: Vengeance Is Mine—Book Trailer

 Melchior Amazon Link

“Murder, mayhem, and mystery make for the perfect Medieval tale.”  ~Amanda Lauer, Author of the 2016 CALA award-winning novel, “A World Such as Heaven Intended”

“…stunning description, realistic characters, and a humorous touch in just the right places, the story of Melchior and his family is sure to inspire and entertain.” ~Susan Peek, Author of “God’s Forgotten Friends: Lives of Little Known Saints Series for Teens

“…a sweeping historical saga, beautifully-written.”  ~Carolyn Astfalk, Author of “Stay With Me, Ornamental Graces, and Rightfully Ours” 

Inspirational Non-Fiction

The Road Goes Ever On Book Trailer                                            


The Road Goes Ever On Amazon Link

…a distinctive journey through tenets of the Christian faith as seen through the lens of The Lord of the Rings. It was a treat for someone like me who loves this story so much. ~Brent King                         

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