—Historical Sci-Fi Novels—

One extended family traverses the course of history through Aram, Ishtar, and Neb in a world of wild beasts, craven spirits, and noble souls. Generations later, in the first century AD, Aram’s descendant, Georgios battles a world of dark secrets, deceptive promises, and hope renewed. Four hundred years later, Georgios’ descendant, Melchior, discovers that his vengeance is not as powerful as God’s plans.

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Aram must lead his clan to safety, protect an innocent man, forgive his wayward wife, and challenge a curse that haunts his soul. As Aram encounters both good and evil, an alien world watches and waits for their part to play in humanity’s future hope or despair.

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“Frailey writes in a crisp, lean, and richly detailed style, building a fascinating, absorbing world.” ~Blue Ink Review

“…more complex and thought-provoking than your usual alien/human encounter.” ~D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

The history is fascinating, the characters are uniquely intriguing, the plot is very rich, and the events are fascinating.”

“Tense encounters, crisp action, failures of leadership, and dramatic surprises power the story’s main thrust…” ~BookLife Reviews

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Forced to leave his clan and his children behind, Ishtar staggers into a vast wilderness and encounters a desert nomad who loves him as a son. When foreign raiders approach, Ishtar must discover if he can move beyond madness, protect his people, and reclaim his family. Eager to know the source of Ishtar’s strength, a watching universe must learn if humanity can save them from a spreading darkness.

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“The story was wonderful and well written.” ~Culver

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Raised in a world of wild beasts, craven spirits, and noble souls, Neb dominates everyone around him. His mother feeds his lies, his father falls before him, and his brothers flee. Only in love does he meet a force he cannot resist. His wife bears two sons who take opposite paths. Neb’s curse follows both. Heaven and hell await their answer. Through the eyes of three alien worlds, so does the watching universe.

“Loved “Neb” the best. The characters are well developed with sensitivity and humor.” ~Ellen


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In the first century AD, Aram’s descendant, Georgios, must battle a world of dark secrets, deceptive promises, and hope renewed to discover the true meaning of fatherhood.

“Well written, this story grabs your interest from the beginning and keeps it throughout.” ~Speer

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Britain in the fifth century was a land torn by war, while Melchior was a man torn by choice. His son is accused of murder, his daughter is forced to marry a brutal king, and his sister is driving him mad, but a prophetic vision saves him from despair.

Threatened by a Mystery Race, the Inter-Alien Alliance Committee decides it must destroy Earth to keep the planet’s resources from falling into the wrong hands. But faithful friends fight for humanity’s right to prove their worth.

Newest review from IndieReader Part murder mystery, part family drama, part science fiction epic, OLDEARTH MELCHIOR ENCOUNTER addresses themes of the line between good and evil and what makes a family…the overarching plot with the aliens ties everything together to make a cohesive, epic novel…The dialogue performs at its best when it is punchy and expressive, such as when Melchior faces his son Wilfred…”

Review from Reedsy/Discovery “OldEarth Melchior integrates historical and science fiction in unique and intriguing ways…With its combination of genre and its swath of characters in both plots, OldEarth Melchior features many of the best aspects of both historical and science fiction.”

—Science Fiction Novels—

As a prelude to the Newearth series, Last of Her Kind sets the stage for an inter-alien alliance. Cerulean’s admiration for Anne evolves into an extraterrestrial high road—offering the universe true humanity.


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Anne Smith faces the end of one human era and the beginning of an alien alliance—united but unique in Last of Her Kind. A new future unfolds as OldEarth passes into obscurity, but the seeds of Newearth are planted. The human family faces a new horizon…

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“I don’t think the author had any idea her story would be so prophetic when she wrote this. Very interesting with lovable, real characters.” ~Jamie

“In the tradition of some of the greatest stories in the genre, Frailey takes a page from our current world issues and weaves it into an intriguing story of global & personal conflict.” ~2nd Assistant Movie Director Ben Hrkach

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 “…a very interesting read. It will entertain, but also make you think. It is very well written, with amazing characters, a stunning plot, and a pace that really fits the story.” —McEvoy

—Short Story Collections—

Character and background stories from OldEarth and Newearth worlds.

“There are many excellent stories in this collection” ~Steven R. McEvoy

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A collection of contemporary short stories involving families, friends, and distant relations. It is the hazards of daily life that test the soul. Nobility, bravery, decency, kindness, and mercy are the shafts of light that pierce the darkness of the human experience. Keep your eyes open and your heart aware—you might just recognize a familiar friend.

—Inspirational Non-Fiction—

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Those moments that catch our eye—and our heart—and make us pause. Make us think. Make us feel…

“I loved reading Ann’s wise, hope-giving thoughts about life and love. Truly, life is the art of overcoming obstacles and becoming stronger to live a fuller life. Beautiful work!” ~Ksenia

A series of inspirational reflections that continue my journey as a widow raising a large family in a turbulent world. As a sci-fi writer, I see extraordinary possibilities embedded in the fabric of the human race. We have been placed here on Earth for a reason. When I am uncertain or afraid, I learn what real courage looks like. When death strikes, I must choose—the hope of mysterious faith or the barren desert of disbelief. My careful or careless life says everything about who I am and what my time on this earth means—yesterday, today, and into tomorrow’s forever.  

The Road Goes Ever On Second Edition

A. K. Frailey takes passages from the Rings trilogy and weaves an almost ethereal beauty into our lives as Christians by comparing the journey of the Fellowship and their struggles to challenge us in our daily walk. Our daily struggles. ~Baumgardner

“This book reminded me of the spiritual battle raging all around us. It inspired me to pray for the church to stand strong and be brave.” ~Kumby

—Children’s Book—

Tally Ho spread 1_sm

“Tally-Ho spends her days exploring the beauty of nature and being a productive member of a happy family, and each story in the book balances instruction with playfulness. Told convincingly from the child’s point of view…” ~The Children’s Book Review

—Poetry Collection—

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Spiritually uplifting poems, reflecting life’s trials and tribulations in nature and in our shared human experience. Grace shines the light of hope in the details of our lives, helping us take the next journey-step. Keep going. Hope’s embrace awaits.

“A wonderful collection of poems, I know I will return to it again, from time to time for a spiritual pick me up or encouragement. Or even just to put a smile on my face. Poetry infused with faith.” ~Steven

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Home is where the heart is. When the world fell apart, an alien race invaded, and my husband and children were in different locations, my heart dug deep into the homestead. Aliens would test my mettle and courage, but someone had to remember what happiness looked like. ~Rosie

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