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New Directions in life can bring all sorts of fresh opportunities. Recently I have had to face the harsh realities of our technological world. My debit card was hacked and then my Facebook account was hacked and suspended. The bank helped me with the debit card, but Facebook has hard and fast rules, and it’s a tough terrain to navigate. I realized that I had picked up quite a few suspicious followers, and they were linking through many of my online systems but, silly me, I stepped in the wrong puddle and found my account sinking into a hacked account abyss.

It’s one of those moments when I have to make a hard call: start over and try to rebuild an account that had taken me years to build or simply go in a fresh direction. I have chosen a fresh direction. No hard feelings for Facebook. They have every right to suspend an account that threatens the safety of their world. I am just sorry to have lost contact with the many followers who were legitimately interested in my work.

For 2024, my goal is to continue writing, but instead of posting new stories, poems, and reflections on my website every Friday, I will apply to various literary journals and magazines to see what luck I may have in a new environment. Plus, some of them actually pay! What a “novel” idea. I will continue to post updates and excerpts at least once a month. More information can be found in my monthly newsletter. It’s on the bottom of the Home page if you’re interested in signing up.

I have completed the next Newearth novel, Newearth Progeny.

Clare wants a baby of her very own but without the messy pregnancy complications. A biomb, an eager Cresta scientist with good intentions, and an innocent Neanderthal whose DNA can save an entire race from extinction set in motion a dangerous future the Eternals worried about but could not halt.

I am applying to literary agents to see if I might find a larger home for my work.

The next novel, Newearth Relevance is in the works with all sorts of interesting new characters telling me about their lives, challenges, hardships, visions, and, most of all, what makes their lives worth living.

As a side note, my Facebook Glendale Cemetery account was also suspended, so I hope to address that issue through our developing non-profit group Let’s Grow Fillmore. Perhaps we can join forces—adding updates on the wonderful supporters of Glendale Cemetery along with new developments in our small town? We shall see what exciting new directions a Facebook suspension means for down-to-earth followers interested in making a real difference in people’s lives.

As for the whimsical picture I used, it brings me a strange sense of joy to imagine gnomes, elves, fairy folk, and beings just beyond our sight who might celebrate a meal together on a snowy evening. The best of us allows our imaginative God to speak to us through our creative nature, and perhaps, if we are lucky, we will move beyond temporary disappointments and step boldly forward in new directions.

A. K. Frailey is the author of 18 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey.

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