Cross-Breeding With Aliens?

An icebreaker sure to challenge boardrooms to school rooms: What about Cross-Breeding With Aliens? A fairytale or a cautionary tale that might never end?

What is out there? A question that is shrouded in ambiguity. As we look up, the deep abyss of space stares back at us, signaling mere nothingness. And we are reassured; there is a sense of calm; we are not being observed.

But every so often, a disruption makes us wonder. Within the deep abyss of space, a light shines, seeking the perfect sample, the perfect specimen…

Perhaps what terrifies us about deep space is that we are unaware of whether we are the only planet with sentient life floating in the universe’s darkness. What if we are not alone? If there are others out there, if there are, indeed, aliens in space, how do they see us? What are their motives?

Through the years, certain witnesses offer us their views on what to expect.

Many believe aliens are already here on Earth and that they secretly abduct human beings for cross-breeding experimentation. Others believe we are already living among these alien-human hybrids without even knowing.

Could any of it be true?

Why Us?

Firstly, the question arises, why would extraterrestrials, who are eons ahead of us technologically, even think of wanting to mix themselves with us humans?

Reproduction requires DNA from two individuals, which is compatible on a molecular level. For breeding to be even possible, aliens would need to possess compatible genetic material. The complexities go way beyond what science can even comprehend. But then again, though it’s highly improbable, it’s not impossible.

There may be a chance that aliens are curious to find out what the amalgamation of their species with ours would look like. Maybe they wish to conjure up a genetically advanced race, more than both our races individually?

Perhaps, they, too, are as curious about us as we are about them.

Or maybe, they have their own issues making them desperate. Maybe these voyagers are looking diligently for a new home, as are we with our expeditions on Mars.

Has there ever been evidence of aliens attempting to cross-breed with us in the past?


Dr. Young-hae Chi, a Korean instructor at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, believes a very strong connection exists between climate change and alien abductions. This was followed up by numerous cases of individuals claiming that aliens had abducted them while they were sleeping.

One of the most famous instances of alien abduction was reported by Betty and Barney Hill during their honeymoon at Niagara Falls. Apparently, the couple had seen a “flying saucer” up close and personal, perhaps a bit too personal. They thought they might have been contaminated by whatever was looming over them. Observing the aircraft, they saw the saucer come closer to them.

After being “hypnotized and taken away,” Betty describes what transpired that night. She mentions walking through the woods with extraterrestrials into the flying saucer they had seen. She further said that the aliens convinced them that they meant no harm and just wanted to examine her. The “Examiner” took skin samples, taking a long needle and sticking it into her navel.

The bizarre encounter remains one of the most bewildering reports on alien abductions to this day.

Dr. Chi, in his presentation, cited Dr. David Jacobs, an abduction researcher who stated that aliens are here to colonize the Earth through interbreeding in the pursuit of producing a “hybrid” species. As of now, we can’t know the true motive of extraterrestrials—if there are any. Can humanity ever prepare for such a reality—for better or worse?

Last of Her Kind

In her book, Last of Her Kind, A. K. Frailey depicts this notion in one of the most compelling pieces of science fiction you will read. To save their dying race, Luxionians begin exploiting humanity through cross-breeding experiments. However, Cerulean, a fellow Luxonian, sees humans in a very different light.

Discover a story that truly transcends space and time with Last of Her Kind, now available on Amazon.

A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey.

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Cross-Breeding With Aliens?
An icebreaker sure to challenge boardrooms to school rooms: What about Cross-Breeding With Aliens? A fairytale or a cautionary tale that might never end?


The emotionally rich characters and the tension-filled scenes enthralled me as I raced through the pages of Last of Her Kind. ~The Book Commentary

Cross-Breeding With Aliens?


“Newearth is a place to start over…to re-think many of the propositions that we take for granted, a chance to discover anew what is needed in order to live a good life.” ~Dr. Eileen Quinn Knight


“Enjoyed the read. Characters were actually fun to learn about” ~Walter

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