Can AI Improve Learning?

Can AI Improve Learning? As we consider AI today and what its future might look like, we must not lose our humanity. Can AI safely advance learning strategies?

Artificial Intelligence is making waves in every corner of the world. While most people are embracing AI and all its wonders, others are worried; they will be out of jobs.

At the same time, some fear that Hollywood’s rendition of robots taking over the human race could happen in real life. In contrast, few think of it as a panacea to solve all the major problems like injustice, criminal activities, education, and improving businesses, just like the character of Justine, a human-android in NEWEARTH: Justine Awakens, who is ordered to kill a human-hybrid named Derik, to protect an alien world’s reputation and save Newearth from a dangerous war.

When we talk about dangerous human behavior, it is an important aspect of contemporary societal problems like pollution, overconsumption of basic necessities, and criminal activities. These are just a few examples that portray human behavior. Still, these problems need to be addressed, and what is a better way than incorporating Artificial Intelligence into our lives?

Feel, Learn, and Evolve!

People are concerned about the impact on employment equity, technical and financial gaps, freedom, and their very own existence. AI has a fine grip and power in many dimensions. It is perfect for concrete-focused things like performing particular surgery or flying a mini drone to the moon. It has expanded the vision of how people think and helped them come up with solutions to problems that were not quickly addressed before. Yet, now it is probing into much more ambiguous areas like education and morality.

AI has played a significant role in shaping individual preferences, needs, and learning styles. Take COVID-19, for example; AI completely changed how students attended classes and prepared for or took exams during the pandemic. All academic institutes switched to online methods of teaching, and it completely changed how students learned, thought, and behaved. Now even after the pandemic, these strategies are still being implemented. It has helped teachers and students improve.

Furthermore, AI-based technologies, such as intelligent tutoring systems, personalized learning, and adaptive learning tools, have helped people learn better. AI has enhanced the ability to solve problems and anticipate danger quickly and efficiently. It allows people to change, evolve, and get things done.

However, AI is often misused in many parts of the world. The growing technological advancements have also assisted many hackers worldwide. Apart from this, with increased productivity at a workplace, it can also lead to lower-quality jobs. Not only this, but AI promotes marketing strategies that manipulate human beings, like clever design tactics and predatory advertising, which are difficult to detect.

How AI Improves Human Behavior

AI has brought remarkable assistive technologies, and some of them were previously inconceivable. These AI-powered assistive technologies can help disabled people live more independently. Let’s not forget smart glasses, which help individuals with visual impairment. Ask yourself how AI is helping you in your daily life.

Artificial Intelligence has improved the healthcare systems in multiple ways, including physical and mental healthcare systems. It assists individuals suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression with the help of AI-powered tools that act as virtual therapists for those in need.

It is a great tool for diagnosing health issues and diseases and predicting potential health complications. This gives a better insight while providing enhanced treatment plans.

With the help of high-tech devices, law enforcement agencies can easily predict where most crimes are likely to occur by analyzing data and identifying patterns. High-resolution cameras can identify criminals, making it easier for law enforcement agencies to find them.

Artificial intelligence is advancing; we must maintain the human-machine connection. But we must also ensure we don’t exchange the fullness of nature with some tech solution. We must not end up living in a virtual world where we lose the richness of humanity and our hearts and souls. Yet, AI has changed how people think and react to different situations and has advanced learning techniques and strategies.

Where are we headed? The future stares us in the face. Are we paying attention?

To get a deeper insight into Artificial Intelligence, get yourself a copy of an epic sci-fi NEWEARTH: Justine Awakens, where machines are the future, yet the human-hybrids of this world can fall in love – something they are not programmed to do.

A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

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