Extraterrestrial Life?

Could Extra-Terrestrials Struggle Between Hostility and Compassion?

Extraterrestrial Life? What are we talking about and how do we even consider such possibilities?

It’s human nature; we tend to show hostility toward things we don’t understand. Perhaps it is the feeling of having no control over a particular situation or the lack of knowledge and ambiguity surrounding a subject that makes us uncomfortable. If we try to consider the most ambiguous unknown, we might imagine the abyss of outer space and what alien forces could possibly exist there.

There is no question that if today, an alien aircraft were to enter our atmosphere and attempt to develop friendly communication with Earthlings, the military would be on high alert.

That said, there would also be scientists who would see the other side of the equation. They would look beyond obvious differences and try to gain insight and information from the aliens. We might also develop a sense of compassion.

After all, they are our visitors. Dare we even imagine—our guests?

What would the other side of the coin look like? How might aliens react to us? Could these extra-terrestrial beings struggle between hostility and compassion, too? For fun, let’s consider the scenario.

Last of Her Kind

A. K. Frailey’s Last of Her Kind perfectly represents this intriguing duality. Cerulean, an extraterrestrial from Lux, has been sent to protect his people from the growing dangers in the universe. During his routine visits, he follows one woman in particular and becomes fascinated by her combination of endurance and vulnerability. His infatuation with Anne Smith evolves into an extraterrestrial high road, offering the universe true humanity.

As Frailey depicts this exhilarating tale, we can’t help but wonder, is there a particular alien watching over us, evaluating our behavior?


A harsh universal reality is that all living things must feed off of life to survive; this is what we know as the circle of life. On the surface, any intelligent alien species will most likely have predatory roots. A lion has to be smarter than a deer, and a wolf has to be smarter than a rabbit. This ideology stems from the evolutionary trait of intelligence; it is promoted if you have to hunt for food. Aside from food, another key motivation for existence besides survival is to pass genetics to the next generation. For example, suppose the alien race is going through a crisis or is merely curious about how to alter their genetics and expand it to other areas in the universe. In that case, they will want to investigate human DNA. This might explain alien abduction stories such as the Betty and Barney Hill Incident or the Antonio Villas Boas case from 1957.


Among the various reports of alien abductions, it is also vital to note that if aliens are technologically advanced enough to come even remotely close to the Earth, traveling from lightyears away, they probably have the technology to wipe us out instantly. However, we have yet to see any acts of malicious intent from an alien force. Maybe, the Earth’s nourishing atmosphere is something that can help their evolutionary plight? Or perhaps they are here to oversee and protect us from universal threats?

There has been speculation of Earthlings collaborating with aliens in the past. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most well-known examples of this speculation. The colossal structure would have been nearly impossible to build, considering the technological constraints the humans had back in the 27th century BC. Even by today’s standards, it is hard to imagine constructing a monument like that. Each building block weighs at least 2 tons, meaning 1,764,000 pounds of stone being laid for 20 years.

Whether alien visitors would be compassionate or hostile is up for debate. Until we know for certain, delve into A. K. Frailey’s story and transcend space and time in her prelude to the Newearth Justine Awakens, Last of Her Kind, available on Amazon as an ebook, paperback, hardcover, and now on Audible.

A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey. 

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Extraterrestrial Life?


“Cerulean is easily one of my favorite protagonists in fiction, period. His empathy toward humans makes me reflect on my behavior toward the people around me. The book is riveting, nuanced, and complex, all the ingredients needed to make a great read, and I’m eating well, haha!” ~Veronica Benjamin

Sci-Fi Mystery Novel


“I love the story—a really compelling read. I enjoy science fiction movies and shows and really wish to watch a movie of Justine Awakens because it would be epic.” ~Caleb Nelson


“This book is nothing short of amazing. The first two books were amazing, but the author outdid herself this time.” ~Lauren Stanley

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