Make a Positive Difference

How a Person Can Make a Difference Even in Their Darkest Hours

Make a Positive Difference in the World. It is a creed as well as a hope. Only in trusting the best in others to rise to the surface can real hope thrive.

In the depths of chaos and despair, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and believe that your efforts are insignificant against the many challenges surrounding you. There have, indeed, been times when darkness has shrouded our spirits. Whether it’s the despair of oppression or the dark clouds of some battle or the other, these times put the essence of humanity to the test.

However, even during the darkest nights, some people emerge as beacons of light, making us believe that one person can make all the difference.

Let us delve into the human spirit and explore the positive difference each of us can make even when all the odds are stacked against us.

1.   Embracing Empathy

The first step toward making a difference is to embed the power of empathy in oneself. Compassion allows people to put themselves in other people’s shoes and comprehend the magnitude of their challenges. Even the smallest act of kindness can spark a light in the lives of those suffering. Empathy becomes essential when a person holds the power to make a difference. It becomes a responsibility to come forward and inspire the uninspired.

Many stories have inspired humans since their inception. A new story is A. K. Frailey’s Newearth: A Hero’s Crime. In it, the characters exemplify real love by putting the need of others before themselves, while Cerulean acts like a true hero who goes out of his way to protect his people. Only with the power of empathy can we make such decisions.

2.   Thinking Beyond Yourself

Making a difference in the real world requires one to think beyond individuality. It requires a person to let go of their inner selfishness and do what is necessary. It becomes all the more important when a person is in a position of power – for “with great power comes great responsibility.”

One of the most inspiring examples of thinking beyond yourself can be found in A. K. Frailey’s Newearth: A Hero’s Crime, where the mighty Cerulean, known as the hero who helped in saving humanity, allows others to save the world while he struggles to manage a debilitating illness.

3.   Inspiring Through Resilience

Resilience can fuel one’s spirit to bring change at large. With determination, one can move ahead and make decisions that illuminate other people’s lives. In Cerulean’s case, he must trust others to protect humanity. Only in trusting the best in others to rise to the surface can real hope thrive.

4.   Leading by Example

One person’s actions can have a profound impact on others. The magnitude of actions isn’t of primary importance. All that matters is the dedication and commitment put into the process. By embodying the change one wishes to see, one can create a ripple effect that transforms lives all around.

Undoubtedly, even in the darkest times, the true strength to foster change resides in each of us. All we need is to look at life through a new lens. During challenging times, the world needs compassion, selflessness, and faith. It’s the only way we can work together as a positive force and transform our future.

So, let’s aim to put others first in a world where chaos and destruction have found a home. Order your copy of Newearth: A Hero’s Crime today, and learn how you can become a beacon of hope like Cerulean.


A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey.

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