Spirit sapping experiences abound in this world.  If it isn’t the daily grind, it is the unexpected big and little shocks of an interconnected world growing ever more complex and difficult to navigate.  Despite all that, our mission to live each day well does not change.  So how to circumnavigate the dreadful and dreary aspects of life?

In my Master’s class, I have been given the assignment to post something inspirational every week on my class blog page.  At first, I thought of this as another thing to check off my rather lengthy to-do list.  But then, as I considered the prospect, in realized that weekly and even daily reminders of what is right in the world go a long way to making the best of our human experience, moving us from merely natural reality to supernatural hope.

To be a real ingredient 

In the divine happiness.

To be loved by God,

Not merely pitied.

But delighted in as an

Artist delights in his work,

Or a father in a son-

It seems impossible,

A weight or burden,

Of glory which our

Thoughts can hardly sustain.

But so it is.

C. S. Lewis – the Weight of Glory

I first came across this poem at the 25th-anniversary celebration of my parish priest, Father Barry Harmon.  He is one of the most inspirational people I know, overcoming physical hardships to serve his congregation.  He also gives some of the most amazing sermons I have ever heard, creating a gorgeous bridge between God and humanity. Truly, his spirit is an inspiration to many souls—mine included.

Inspiration isn’t hard to come by—it just requires looking at what is hidden in plain sight. I thank Father Barry and all wonderful priests and preachers who offer their lives as a testimony of hope in our sometimes spirit-sapping world.

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