Aliens Encounter Humanity Novel

Last of Her Kind Excerpt

In this Aliens Encounter Humanity Novel, a guardian from Lux tries to explain humanity’s worth to his son, who only sees the human race’s many failures.


Sunday Night

Cerulean sat with his arms spread wide over the back of the bench, his head back, soaking up the last of the day’s warm sun.

Viridian sat hunched next to him, his head propped on a clenched fist, while one foot jiggled in furious repetition.

The park pulsated with the ebb and flow of visitors. A man threw a Frisbee to his dog, putting on quite a show. The majority of people strolled about the autumn grounds in pairs or jogged along singly, trying to get in a quick workout before the evening light disappeared. One mother attempted to wipe dripping ice cream from her young son’s face, only to have him push her away with a shrill, exhausted whine.

Cerulean opened his eyes, flicked a glance at his son’s jostling foot, and gazed at the scene. Parenthood is never easy. The day had been hot and humid, but as August was coming to a close, a hint of summer’s end wafted through the rustling leaves. He breathed in the earthy scent noticing the gray clouds building on the western horizon.

Cerulean tapped his fingers together. “You never realize humanity’s struggles until something goes wrong. When everything is in working order, you marvel at simple beauties. Amazing what people go through: colds, headaches, broken bones, diseases, mental disorders, even the natural process of growing up or growing old has its variety of suffering.” He tipped his head casually toward his son and whispered, “Are you ready?”

Viridian slammed his foot on the ground and sniffed, “Ready to suffer, you mean? I’ve suffered since the first moment you brought me here. I just can’t see what holds your interest. I’ve been all over the countryside and spent a whole month following a kid from the inner city, but I feel less admiration for them now than ever. They’re either spoiled and whining or poor and ruthless. Nobody cares, and everybody complains.”

Cerulean felt a flush creep up his cheeks. “There is some truth in what you say, but it’s not the full truth.” He glanced at his son and sighed. “There are other guardians besides me. Maybe it’s time you went with someone else for a while.”

Viridian’s eyes brightened. “You mean with another race?”

“No…not yet. Opportunity is still before you. Eventually, you must make your own choice. I always thought you’d follow in my footsteps, but I can’t force you….” He nodded to a man who crossed in front of him. “And perhaps this isn’t right for you. Still, I think you should give them a little more time. I’m observing Anne, but there are whole nations and cultures you have yet to see. There are guardians all over. Do some research; discover where you might like to go next; make contact with a guardian from an area that interests you. You’ve got a whole world to choose from.”

Looking across the park, Viridian pursed his lips. “I’d rather try another race, but if I have to stay here, I think I’d better go someplace else. I want to do something productive, and that’s just not happening here.” He crossed his arms; his hands balled into fists. Leaning toward his father, his eyes narrowed. “Will I be able to choose another form?”

Cerulean nodded and opened his mouth, but Viridian was quicker. “Good, I hate this one. I never considered how limiting humans’ perceptions would be.” Viridian gazed into the distance and shrugged. “I’m certainly not learning much.”

With a slow sigh, Cerulean stood and surveyed his environment.

“Learning doesn’t come from others; it comes from inside. But, perhaps it would be best to go where your father won’t be tempted to lecture you so much.”

Across the street, the door to the doctor’s office swung open and Anne stepped out.

Cerulean watched as Anne buckled herself into her vehicle and drove away. “She’s heading home.”

Staring up at the sky, Viridian extended his hand. “It’s going to rain. The park will empty in a minute. Should I leave now and make arrangements to try a different place?”

Anne’s car disappeared around a corner.

Cerulean’s gaze shifted to his son. “There’s nothing to stop you. But aren’t you even curious how the appointment went, what she’ll tell her husband?”

Viridian shrugged. “She’s pregnant. That’s obvious enough. She’ll tell her husband, and they’ll be happy—for a while. It all seems rather pointless.”

Cerulean cleared his throat with a raspy huff. “She’s not so different from us.”

“Humans are very different from us.”

The first drops of rain fell as Cerulean forced his temper into submission. He looked Viridian in the eye and gripped his shoulder. “I hope your next venture is more to your liking.”

Shrugging off his father’s hold, Viridian nodded, his gaze fixed in the distance. “Me, too.” He blinked away.

Looking around at the nearly empty park, Cerulean watched a couple sprint off arm-in-arm. A squirrel scampered to the safety of his nest, and rain-defying birds twittered their hearts out, refusing to be subdued by the impending storm. Surprise brought a smile to his lips as he realized that even in its lonely, rainy, late afternoon dimness, a playground still charmed him. He carried that thought with him as he disappeared from sight.

A. K. Frailey is the author of 18 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey.

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Aliens Encounter Humanity Novel

“Highly imaginative and intelligently executed, Last of Her Kind is a spellbinding science fiction that is rich in imagery, rippling with conflict, and peppered with deeply moving scenes.” ~ The Book Commentary

Aliens Encounter Humanity Novel

“This is a very interesting story, and I do like the world that the author built. It’s a story about survival, what people will do, and how much they will give up in order to stay alive. Riveting! This author brings the story to life. The characters are so real, it’s like being with them within the story. This journey was very unpredictable. It’s literally out of this world!” ~AmysBookShelfReviews

“This book is nothing short of amazing. The first two books were amazing, but the author outdid herself this time.” ~Lauren Stanley

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