Life and Hope Poetry

What Should Be

In this Life and Hope Poetry, we fly with nature and discover the beauty waiting for us after a long journey, part of wholeness, an ever-singing song.

What should be,

Hoping and living,

Only the dying might see.

Blustery autumn days send geese soaring high,

Honking to their fellows, harvested fields go by.

Familiar nests and bountiful food long gone,

Speed and direction lead, hurrying them along.

Toward a new life,

Warm sun without winter’s strife.

From good to better yet,

Young and vigorous keep moving, can’t stop and set.

The old and feeble lag far behind,

Plans and fortunes falter within a wandering mind.

Flapping wings plowing through the air,

No longer possible for those with aged care.

On and on in eager lines, the strongest they will go,

While the weak and trembling, sorrowfully must slow.

Dropping from the fair bright sky,

Feather spent with weary head, one returns,

In twirls and turns,

 Leaving the flock, goodbye.

Near a rippling pond, it lands.

Hardpacked ground, whipping wind, and waving grass commands.

Alone now, unmindful of the race above,

Silence broken only by the cooing of a dove.

Is this the plan for a creature so noble and so brave?

Faithful years of nesting, flying strong, to stop on such a solemn grave?

Yet as it was, is, and ever will be,

On this journey land and sea,

A time to flourish and to thrive lasts but an hour or two,

Forget we every moment has a limit due.

Finally, when no answering call can make,

Hopes and lives become, honestly, only for God’s good sake.

Imperfect our winged flight,

Directions obscured by focused sight.

Now sky opens, earth and sun belong,

Part of wholeness, an ever-singing song.

The dove knows nothing of the geese’s distant sky,

For it never ever flew so gloriously high.

But in contented understanding, she flutters closer by,

And settles down in harmony, offering her soft and gentle sigh.

See what should be.

From lonely self to journeys joined but free.

Always living, ever dying, from such souls grew,

Life and hope anew.

A. K. Frailey is the author of 18 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey. 

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Life and Hope Poetry

Hope’s Embrace

“This poem moved my heart and soul with its extraordinary beauty. Thank you!” ~Elisabeth

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