Friendship Poem

True Companionship

In this Friendship Poem, shared peace with an honest companion can stem the tide of ugly memories, offering true healing.

Swaying long-stemmed grasses

Dance with brown tassels.

Swooping white swan

Settles on the tufted island lawn.

Rippling waves, gentle breezes,

Burning sun, puffy cloud teases.

Tis summer now, autumn not yet…

Nothing stays the same,

An old refrain.

Untrue, my heart insists.

I’ve been here before, memories persist.

Sadness, old griefs,

Lonely ventures in dangerous reefs.

Today, my aloneness rectified,

With my daughter at my side.

We share a bench, solitude, peace.

Companion souls.

Unlike others, ugly wasteful trolls.

Chosen friend in harmonic silence.

No narcissistic deadly chatter.

Some take beauty and twist it,

Meaning—missed it.

Like shards of glass,

Their dark memories harass.

Ugly, foolish bits,

Reason rocky bottom hits.

Oh, God,

Save me from the unreasoning mob,

Of anger hate,

Endless debate.

I am right! See who’s wrong!

Look to good and glorious,

True companionship.

Daughter friend,

Not a familiar fiend.

Deceptions—a deadly net.

Minds grapple, yet must, let


Origen of beauty knows:

Praise, Thank, Ask—the spirit glows,

As it grows.

Fill the mind with images kind.

March forward, leave searing thoughts behind.

Before us, the rippling current of Glory—Be!

Healing ointment of true friendship—See!

Step aside from murky yesterdays,

Joy amid the sunbeams play.

A. K. Frailey is the author of 18 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey.

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Hope’s Embrace

I loved every word of this charming poem…You have created an enchanting landscape and your words have illustrated it expertly with panache…” ~Diana

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