Honest Self Poem

An Honest Look

In this Honest Self Poem, life takes us from helpless to daring, powerful to powerless. Hope lies not in ourselves but in taking the hand helping us all along.

First, we lay,

Upon the primeval bed, no words to say.

Safe and sound,

Snug world all around,

Our hearts beat to a gentle rhythm,

Life’s carefree poetic prism.

Next, we crawl,

Searching and seeking, up the stairs and down the hall.

Hot and cold, bumps and bruises,

Our innocent spirit something loses.

Yet self-determined, we crave motion,

A world beyond—land and ocean.

Stand up!

Toddle forward, fall, roll, a frolicking pup.

The view on high,

We can’t deny!

Climb chairs, trees, ladders, and more,

We must rise, our hearts to soar.

Words, birds, stories, songs, all kinds of sound.

  Torrent of noise, still, our feet walk firmly on the ground.

Tall and knowing, leadership growing,

Daring deeds, plant seeds, seize the day!


Amid shock and sorrow,

Troubles arrive.

We lose our way

No boastful chant—Come What May!

Weakness, hurt, flaws, and sin,

We break into pieces, little hope within.

Upon our knees, we fall,

Our spirits weep, and our souls do crawl.

Gnash our teeth and rage in fury,

Our eyes can’t see, the world, now blurry.

Only in silence, a single hymn repeat,

Admit failure, our own defeat.

Prostrate on the ground,

Silence turns to music, a heavenly sound.

Helpless and hopeless

We go nowhere.

Yet, cresting the horizon, new vision, life’s greatest dare.

Our innocence in hope renewed

An honest look at self when nude.

Beyond trumpet blares and glory purpose, the scenic landscape clears.

A kindly, reaching hand nears.

Now we know what we did not sow.

We never climbed alone, self-empowered.

Never once personal vision towered.

Over that which made our hearts beat,

Supportive strength, feet to walk, and friends to greet.

We climb the ego mount alone

Fault in others and self must atone.

Down and up, and down again, we lay.

Some day to stand within a truly glorious ray.


A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of eight.

Make the most of life’s journey. 

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“This poem moved my heart and soul with its extraordinary beauty. Thank you!” ~Elisabeth

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