What Is Love?

The Beauty of Love in Frailey’s Last of Her Kind

What Is Love? Love transcends space and time, witnessing inner peace and hope that, even in times of turmoil, people can experience with each other.

What is love?

Everyone has their own definition of love. For some, love is walking in a park, holding hands, and basking in the gifts of nature. For others, love is giving roses to their dearest. Or maybe, just maybe, love is someone watching over you from a place that is not seen or heard. A place that transcends our understanding. Someone separated by a barrier, perhaps socially and physically.

Such is the fate of Cerulean, a Luxonian or what you would call an extraterrestrial in A. K. Frailey’s book, Last of Her Kind.

Today, let’s take a trip to the stars, embracing the beauty of love in The Last of Her Kind.

Love Doesn’t Come Easy

In the prelude to Frailey’s Newearth series, an epidemic looms large. Humans have grown infertile and are nearing extinction. Moreover, they are seen as nothing more than mere throwaway tools by Luxonians.

Like Keanu Reeves once said, “If you don’t fight for your love, what kind of love do you have?”

Love is often perceived as something easy, something that just happens. It is shown as perfect through romanticized pieces of fiction. What A. K. Frailey executes so well is depicting the tragedy, the plight of a love that cannot be embraced.

Moreover, distance isn’t the only factor that comes into play in love’s duality. The Luxonians’ love for humanity sets him up for conflict with his own people. They judge him for seeing humans with compassion and admiration, yet Cerulean is not deterred. He can’t help but admire Anne for her courage in forging ahead through terrible times.

An Alien’s Love for Humanity

But where this love story truly shines is the ironic devotion toward humanity.

The story takes place in a time when humanity was unkind to itself and was looked down upon by the Luxonians, too. This applies to us today more than ever, where we’re subject to global warming due to pollution, political unrest, war, and infertility on a massive scale. We are slowly heading down the same trajectory, the same route as the Earth depicted in Frailey’s book.

With that being said, Cerulean, despite being from an entirely different home world, still sees beauty in humans; Anne being his main concern.

It is a message that resonates with readers, raising awareness of how we are treating Earth. Cerulean can be perceived as a metaphor, a third-person’s perspective on how we are treating our planet and how unkind we are being to it and each other. Despite being an alien, he sees the human race as not so different from his own people. Everyone has free will and suffers from poor choices.

Love, indeed, comes in many forms. It isn’t just showing affection and compassion toward your friends and family. Love moves beyond the boundaries of our family home.

If only we could see humanity as Cerulean does and love each other as selflessly, the world would be a better place.

Transcending Space and Time

Love knows no limits. It transcends space and time. Cerulean and Anne witness the sacrificial aspects of real love. They exemplify the inner peace and hope that, even in times of turmoil, people can experience with each other.

What will become of our very human Luxonian? Will he be able to confess his love to Anne? Only one way to find out! Grab your copy of A.K. Frailey’s Last of Her Kind, now available on Amazon.


A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey. 

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What Is Love?


“People I can relate to and actually care about have become few and far between. These characters were so real. I love that.” ~Sandra

What Is Love?


“I love the story—a really compelling read. I enjoy science fiction movies and shows and really wish to watch a movie of Justine Awakens because it would be epic.” ~Caleb Nelson


“This book is nothing short of amazing. The first two books were amazing, but the author outdid herself this time.” ~Lauren Stanley

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