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From Richly Blessed

Rosie hummed as she switched off the last of the lights, waddling closer, her happy disposition radiating through the house.

Suddenly, Jacob envisioned the web of interconnected lives. The great uncle who had powerfully influenced his mother, who had formed him. The long descent of relatives who arrived and left the human stage in numberless succession, changing the landscape for each generation…

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Excerpt from Of Gods and Men

Wandering like a man lost in a dream, Sterling circled toward Teal. “I never imagined such relief—”

Teal pushed away from the trunk. “If you’re ready, we should make our report. Do a good job, and you’ll make a Supreme Judge someday.” He grinned. “As a guardian, I’ll always be here to help.”

Sterling threw up his hands in renewed anguish. “But I haven’t got anything to report! It’s all so inconsequential.”

A brooding frown spread across Teal’s face. “Open your mind.” Teal strode closer and looked Sterling in the eyes. “Think about what you’ve seen—all of humanity’s challenges. They suffer from their corporeal bodies and their primitive living conditions—yet they manage to invent new ways to express themselves and preserve knowledge. They work hard, practice discipline and patience, endure pain and, yes, enjoy relief. And, from the look on the young man’s face, they also know ecstatic joy.” He waved his hands as if to encompass the entire planet. “I’d say that was consequential.”

Sterling peered up at the bright sky filtered between the leafy branches. “Perhaps you’re right.” He grinned as he leveled his gaze at Teal. “Supreme Judge, eh?” He glanced around, his smile fading. “Only if I survive.”

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Character and background stories from OldEarth and Newearth worlds.

We do what we do for a reason…even if we don’t know it.

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Excerpt from Trying to Be a Hero

…Mental fibers started to snap, but with a mighty yank, Susanne gripped her emotions and demanded that they stay in line. “Office secretary. Terrific job. Just, I can’t get home with a flat tire.”

Georgia pointed to the trunk. “You got a spare in there?” She shrugged. “I’ve never actually changed one myself, but I watched my sons do it three or four times. How hard can it be?”

Bundled in a winter coat over a thick sweater, it was hard to tell Georgia’s body build, but Susanne guessed it to be somewhere between a heavyweight wrestler and Highland Dwarf. “Well, we can try, I guess. I hate to call the service station. So bloody expensive just to take it a few miles.”

In the style of a Commander and Chief taking charge of his army, Georgia flipped open the trunk, swept back the cover, lugged out the spare, dropped it handily on the ground, snapped open the enclosed tool kit, and plopped down on the wet ground, fitting the crank under the car. “I think it goes here.”

The word “think” sent another shiver down Susanne’s spine. But since Georgia seemed to be on a roll, she had no desire to interrupt. When it came time to unscrew the bolts, Susanne regained a modicum of self-respect by remembering “lefty-loosey” and thus saved her rescuer heaps of time.

The sudden downpour didn’t seem to affect Georgia like Susanne thought it would. In fact, it appeared to have no effect on her at all. The gray-headed woman unbolted the flat, switched out the tire, and then bolted on the spare with the same calm composure one would expect from a surgeon doing his fiftieth appendectomy. The painful tangle in Susanne’s middle began to loosen. Just a bit.

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Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.


Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.

~Frederick Douglas

“We owe it to each other to tell stories.” 


“Stories are a different kind of true.” 

~Emma Donoghue

There are many excellent stories in this collection… ~Steven R. McEvoy

Story Titles

It Might Have Been
Trying to Be a Hero

Unless You Give Up
As Mom Used to Say
Wouldn’t You?
If the World Were Any Better
I Think I’ll Live
The Loving Choice
A Real Smile This Time
Blue Ink Flowed

Hidden Under Irony
So What’ll It Be?
The Difference Between Us
If You Want To
Topic Sentence
Live and Learn
Romantic Soul
New Life into Her Soul
Face the Cranberries
One Aisle at a Time

A Connection
It Makes All the Difference
Start in the Clouds
For the First Time in Months
Like Dreams upon Waking
Where Is My Hope Now?
Die Hard Optimism
And Everything in Between
I Need the Practice
What Do You Know?

With Your Help
Crushed—but Not to Death
I’ll Always Know
Before the Lights Go Out
For the Living and the Dead
That’s Your Job
Beyond the Scar
Live Honestly and Follow Your Passion
Soul Mates
Like a Ballerina
Take over the World
Not with His Eyes
Alternative Universe
So Blind
My Love Is Strong

Don’t Miss a Day
You Don’t Look Dead to Me
Ol’ Diablo
A Beggar’s Choice
Survival of the Fittest
Good Deed
Addicted to Me
Same Spirit

Visions of Grandeur
Drama Trauma
The Visit
Native Elements
Every Word
To Make a Difference

The Key
James Milford Parker III
The Kingdom of IF

If only we remembered from whence we came

And delighted in the goodness from above.

If only we grew our strength

From the victory of enduring love.

If only we realized that everything we have is a gift.

And that gifts can be taken away.

If only we toiled for that which lasts

And not so much for the day.

If only we lived lives of hope and not of dreadful dread-

We would know lives of joyful fruit

And not live as if we were already dead.

So, though the Kingdom of IF still stands upon its majestic past, and faces its future quite blindfolded, still it will not last forever, for nothing in this world ever does.  But there is a quaint little plea in the child’s verse that strikes deep into the heart—for history will record not only how well the kingdom rose but how badly it fell.

Yet may our world live long, inspiring hope and enduring faith in humanity.

If only….