OldEarth Encounter Themes

In my historical sci-fi series, I have tried to capture some of the big questions in life. OldEarth Encounter Themes touch on key areas in the human experience.

Recently, I celebrated another year marked on the calendar of my life. I am also considering how best to focus my energy and enlighten my soul, so I look back on my previous accomplishments and peer ahead into exciting new projects.

In our vastly changing world, we still follow an ancient path, searching for God, our proper place in family and society, and the meaning of our lives. Today, we live in a global reality little imagined in the land of Ur, though—made in the image of God—our souls have always held limitless possibilities.

In my OldEarth Encounter series, our world is viewed from a close-up Earth-bound, historical perspective but also from a distant, alien viewpoint. In the truest meaning of “Catholic,” the stories revolve around universal themes.

OldEarth ARAM Encounter

Humanity’s search for the one true God

OldEarth Ishtar Encounter

The conflict between humanity’s need for God and our desire to be god

OldEarth Neb Encounter

The price of chosen evil

OldEarth Georgios Encounter

God as Father and Son and our personal reflection of those roles

OldEarth Melchior Encounter

Marriage, parenthood, and the meaning of our Christian identity.

All the books are now available on Amazon as eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers, and are now being produced on Audible for audiobook lovers.

For the rest of April, I will take a break from creating new stories, My Road Goes Ever On reflections, and poems. I’ll start up again sometime in May. In the meantime, I am completing the work on other work. Hit the Listen on Spotify button to hear some of my latest work from my other works:

My Road Goes Ever On—A Timeless Journey

Encounter—Science Fiction Short Stories 2nd Edition

One Day at a Time—And Other Stories

May our lives be blessed with Grace each day.


A. K. Frailey is the author of 17 books, a teacher for 35 years, and a homeschooling mother of 8.

Make the most of life’s journey.

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OldEarth Encounter Themes


The history is fascinating, the characters are uniquely intriguing, the plot is very rich, and the events are fascinating.” ~OnlineBookClub

OldEarth Encounter Themes


“a complex tale of sorcery, slave raids, and heroic rescues – dramatic events that bring the ancient world to life.” ~David

OldEarth Encounter Themes


The vivid descriptions of different clans bring early humanity alive. While part of a series, Neb works well as a standalone” ~Rachel

OldEarth Encounter Themes


“Well written, this story grabs your interest from the beginning and keeps it throughout.” ~Speer

OldEarth Encounter Themes


“a remarkably effective mix of bittersweet romance and murder mystery—one that also examines the dynamics of politics and power as well as cultural conflicts via the personal perspectives of a family of intriguing, earnest characters.” ~Kirkus Review

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